cell culture laboratory workstation / benchtop

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cell culture laboratory workstation / benchtop cell culture laboratory workstation / benchtop - DWV


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    for cell cultures

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(DWV) Dedicated Workstation Vacuum System

Completely self-contained liquid waste system
High quality low-noise vacuum pump (40 dB(A) Maximum)
Dual flask design for improved vacuum stability

The Warner DWV System is designed to facilitate removal of waste solutions from cell imaging and recording chambers. The DWV is at home in labs lacking in-house vacuum, or those having in-house vacuum needing optimization to correct for fluctuations on the vacuum line causing problems with chamber aspiration.

The heart of the system is a low-noise medical grade linear piston vacuum pump having only a single moving part. This insures long life and quiet operation. All wetted materials are made from chemically resistant materials. Twin 2000 ml flat-bottom flasks are used; one flask acts used as a trap while the other offers vacuum storage for increased stability. A needle valve is used to adjust the vacuum pressure making it easy to achieve an even 50:50 air:fluid mixture from recording chamber. A convenient vacuum gage is included that indicates vacuum level in the catch-pot.