emergency ambulance / intensive care / infection control / box body
10 T



  • Applications:

    emergency, intensive care, infection control

  • Configuration:

    box body

  • Other characteristics:



This multifunction vehicle enables both intensive care patients and obese or infectious patients to be transported thanks to the generous space available. The securing rails embedded in the floor of the vehicle make it possible both to securely load various bariatric or intensive care stretcher systems and also to transport patients in hospital beds. The patient can be moved into the vehicle gently using the tail lift. A specially developed air-treatment system constantly conditions and filters both the air in the patient compartment and the air flowing in and out. During transport, the system ensures a constant low pressure in the patient compartment, completely automatically, making the transportation of highly infectious patients possible. An integrated gassing unit provides the possibility of hygienically treating the vehicle without the risk of disease transmission.

Box body
Bariatric, intensive care and special infection ambulance

Internal dimensions
Length 4990 mm
Width 2400 mm
Height 1976 mm

Side sliding door, front right
Rear double-wing door

Access compartment rear right
Underfloor compartment for power supply, front left
MiscellaneousSkylight as emergency exit
Lifting platform for loads up to 1500 kg

Hermetically sealed box

Lifting platform: Dhollandia 1500 kg load-bearing capacity, platform length 2300 mm

270° rear double-wing doors

Underfloor compartments 1x right and 1x left as step (250 kg load-bearing capacity)

LED visual warning system

LED floodlights

LED warning system to front and rear

Sputnik nano LED front flasher

Special signalling system type 620

2 x 2 dual-tone siren with snow covers