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Not only the changes in demographics and advances in mobile medical treatment are some of the challenges that face the modern medical services. Also the medical attendance of refugees requires solutions. That is the reason why we have made medical treatment mobile. The mobile medical practice is a fully equipped doctors practice on wheels. It is suitable for various medical
fields, for the use at large social events (instead of emergency ambulances) and for medical pre- and post-care. With a total vehicle weight of 3.5 T, it can be driven with a normal car driver’s license. Due to its modular furniture the mobile medical practice can be easily adjusted to the sensitive demands regarding the diagnosis and medical care of refugees. The separated dressing room enlarges the comfort zone especially for patients with cultural preconditions. The modular box body is crash tested
according to EN 1789 and is equipped with modern, energy effi cient LED lighting, doctor’s spots and blue calming trauma lights. An independent vehicle heater and 230-V-airconditioning ensure pleasant temperatures during all seasons. The box body is highly energy efficient due to excellent insulation.