ultrasound lipolysis skin care unit
Modula Cavitation



  • Treatment:

    ultrasound lipolysis


Modula plans ahead

More than one cavitation: Wavemed goes even further.

Thanks to two different energy releasing methods, continuous and pulsed, Modula can address body fat issues more comprehensively. A continuous mode treatment will be followed by a pulsed mode treatment, which prepares the body for the lymphatic drainage massage at the end of each session, to help drain excess liquids. This way results will be more immediate and will last longer.

Multiple applicators for safer treatments

The two applicators, one concave and the other flat, allow to direct the effects of the treatment at different depths. On the most delicate parts of the body and near vital organs, to work safely it is sufficient to lift the adipose plica and use the concave applicator to direct the energy at a more superficial level.

Guaranteed effectiveness

For quick and effective slimming results, Wavemed implemented the Save Calibration Control (SCC) system, the applicator’s auto-calibration system. The machine constantly monitors the ultrasound frequency, making sure all parameters are correct for a safe effect. This way you can be sure that the machine always works at its best, maximising clients’ benefits and results.

Immediately ready for use

Designed to be practical to use for the operator, the Detection Control System (DCS) recognises the applicator automatically. This way, installing a system with multiple accessories becomes easy and quick, as different applicators may be connected to any of the available outputs. Venus recognises them for you.