resuscitation ventilator / emergency / transport



  • Applications:

    resuscitation, emergency, transport


Our smallest ventilator, MEDUMAT EasyCPR, is your perfect introduction to mechanical ventilation. MEDUMAT EasyCPR supports less experienced users through voice prompts and other features during ventilation and resuscitation. The device is so small and light that it easily fits into an emergency backpack or emergency case.

The MEDUtrigger allows mechanical breaths to be administered right from the ventilation mask. This allows MEDUMAT EasyCPR to replace bag-valve masks during manual ventilation, while offering the safety of a mechanical ventilator.

Three different modes allow the device to be used for various applications:

Demand flow mode for pre-oxygenation: Enables use on spontaneously breathing patients. No additional equipment necessary.

Manual mode (CPR mode): For CPR in 30:2 or 15:2 mode amd position check of tube.

Continuous mode (IPPV): For continuous ventilation over secured airway. Use with endotracheal and laryngeal tubes possible.

MEDUMAT EasyCPR supports and unites the two major respiratory applications for emergency medical services: Resuscitation (CPR) and emergency anesthesia (RSI) in one device.

Top Facts
What Makes Handling MEDUMAT EasyCPR so Easy and Safe?

Reduced risk of gastric insufflation, barotrauma, and hyperventilation compared to bag mask ventilation

Easy and safe to use through a color legend and a single multistep flow selector

CPR mode with clear voice prompts and issue of a metronome sound for chest compression(s)

Mechanical breaths administered manually and near to the patient with MEDUtrigger