carbon dioxide tester / for healthcare facilities / for respiratory ventilators
CapnoDura Combi



  • Tested parameter:

    carbon dioxide

  • Applications:

    for healthcare facilities, for respiratory ventilators


CO2 Detector
CapnoDura Combi

Is everything positioned correctly? Is my patient properly intubated? Are they being safely ventilated?

In high-pressure situations, you need to act fast. A simple check of whether the endotracheal tube is positioned correctly is helpful in these circumstances.

CapnoDura Combi is the CO2 detector that clearly shows whether ventilation is working correctly. Carbon dioxide in the exhaled air is detected and the proportion of CO2 is indicated via a color scale. CapnoDura Combi sits directly on the tube and is easy to attach.

Top Facts
Can be used for up to 24 hours

Can be used with the bag-valve mask and the ventilator

Color scale clearly indicates the proportion of CO2 expelled in the exhaled air

Suitable for adults and children (from a body weight of 10 kg)

Particularly suitable for pre-hospital use

Safety for the user and the patient