semi-automatic external defibrillator / with multi-parameter monitor
MEDUCORE Standard²



  • Operation:


  • Other characteristics:

    with multi-parameter monitor

  • Discharge power:

    Min.: 1 J

    Max.: 200 J


Facilitates Start of Suitable Patient Care
MEDUCORE Standard²
You can take the compact defibrillator with you quickly to the emergency site. It can ideally be combined with a ventilator on a portable system. This is because in an emergency, ventilation and inhalation functions may be required as well as monitoring and defibrillation. With MEDUCORE Standard² and MEDUMAT Standard², you have the functions of both devices on one portable system.

The user interface for all other WEINMANN devices has also been applied to the MEDUCORE Standard². The start menu appears immediately after the device has been switched on with quick selection for the predefined patient groups – adults, children, and infants. Suitable presettings are loaded depending on the age of the patient.

Top Facts
Intuitive user interface with clearly structured controls
Start menu with quick selection according to the patient group
Quick switching between curve view and parameter view
Can be combined with MEDUMAT ventilators and oxygen cylinders on LIFE-BASE portable systems
6-lead ECG
SpO2 measurement and non-invasive blood pressure measurement (NIBP)
AED mode and manual mode
Reliable monitoring: 3-curve display and professional alarm system
Night colors

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