veterinary stethoscope / dual-head / stainless steel
Harvey™ Elite®



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    stainless steel


Quick Overview
The Harvey Elite offers updated styling along with the superior comfort and auscultation capabilities that cardiologists have come to rely on. It is equipped with dual-bore, latex-free tubing that creates two uninterrupted sound channels and works with the optimally weighted, rugged and stainless steel chestpieces. In addition, the Elite’s diaphragm is designed to accentuate important sounds—all this enables you to hear cardiac, pulmonary and vascular sounds.

Double-head (bell & flat diaphragm) stainless steel chestpiece w/ nonchill rim
Rotatable stainless steel binaurals and interchangeable comfort sealing eartips
Full-range cardiology/pulmonology stethoscopes
Pediatric chestpieces available
Triple-leaf binaural spring encased in polyurethane allows size adjustment
Triple-leaf binaural spring encased in polyurethane prevents breakage
10-year warranty