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What is respiratory humidification?

Respiratory gas humidification is a method of artificial warming and humidifying of respiratory gas for the patient during mechanical ventilation.

When is respiratory humidification affected?

When a patient is requiring mechanical ventilation over a longer period of time, it is imperative to take measures to compensate the losses of heat and moisture in order to avoid the aforesaid complications.

Respiratory humidification during non-invasive ventilation

In case of non-invasive respiration (e.g. respiratory masks) a continuous positive flow is administered (e.g. CPAP). Thereby caused increased oral breathing may elicit undesirable accompanying symptoms. In the long run the upper respiratory tracts dry out through the permanent supply with cool respiratory gases of positive pressure. The consequences are painfully inflamed nasal and oral mucous membranes as well as blockages of the air passages and congestion of secretion in the respiratory apparatus. Particularly leakages at the respiratory mask may promote drying out of the nasal mucous membranes. A continuous supply of warm respiratory gases materially contributes to the abatement of this clinical picture.