endoscopy insufflator with gas preheating / with smoke aspirator
ULTRA-FLOW Tetraflator



  • Insufflator options:

    with gas preheating, with smoke aspirator



Unlike other methods, the monofilament bivalent system according to Semm allows the detection of trends relevant for the safety of the patient . By using one and the same opening, alternately for gas insufflation and measuring the static intra-abdominal pressure, the maximum patient safety can be assured. The intra-abdominal pressure is shown on a large display which gives the surgeon a fast and reliable feedback.

• High flow rate of 5 - 50 l/min
• Low-flow rate either 1 l/min or 3 l/min
• CO2 suppy with bottle or central connection in operating theatre
• Integrated safety-pressure-valve
• Multi-language display