X-ray intraoperative radiation therapy system / mobile



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ioRT-50 x-ray therapy units are intended for superficial and intraoperative x-ray therapy. The ioRT-50 unit consists of an all-in-one mobile trolley with a mounted x-ray tube stand. It is operated via an integrated touchscreen panel or remotely via a tablet PC. The tube head is mounted on a spring-loaded arm and can be turned on two axes. The spring-loaded arm itself is easy to move for height setting. A clamping mechanism enables the preselected stand position to remain stable while treating the standing, sitting or lying patient. The trolley control desk contains a touchscreen, an emergency switch, a key switch, an x-ray START switch and an x-ray STOP switch for use near the device. A separate tablet PC allows to control the unit remotely. The display screen shows all relevant device conditions, as well as the treatment time input.