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Gasboard8500 ultrasonic oxygen sensor is an economical gas sensor used to detect oxygen concentration in binary gases. Adopting ultrasonic detecting technology, it is very stable and there is no need to calibrate the sensor in the application. It is mainly designed for ventilator oxygen concentration measurement with high flow range up to 80L and for some large PSA generator too. Compared with electro-chemical oxygen sensors, it has much longer lifespan and stable performance, which save trouble and cost in oxygen sensor replacement in end-user side.

■Oxygen concentration measurement, cutting-edge ultrasonic technology adopted
■Small size, stable, high accuracy, low cost
■No need of routine calibration
■Long life span (>5years)
■Customization available

■PSA oxygen generator
■Medical ventilator
■Respiratory devices
■Anesthetic machine

1. Method: Ultrasonic
2. Measures:O2
3. Range:0-100% (withstand flow range: 0-80L)
4. Resolution:0.1%
5. Accuracy: ±1.8%FS@(10~45)℃
6. Repeatability: ±1%
7. Response time: 5s
8. Working temperature:10-50℃
9. Storage temperature:-20℃-60℃
10. Relative humidity: 5-85%RH(non-condensing)
11. Max pressure: 150Kpa
12. Power supply:5V-12VDC
13. Dimensions: W60.9*H30*D26mm