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video dermatoscope / white LED / WiFi / Full HD
xEye DermaCare



  • Type:


  • Light source:

    white LED

  • Options:

    WiFi, Full HD, 4K, HD


xEye DermaCare Pro is smartest, easiest and most affordable digital dermatoscopy kit, which includes xEye Dermatoscope, DermaCare app, and Dermatoscopy management cloud software.
xEye DermaCare Cam is most advanced, digital dermatoscopy camera till date. xEye dermatoscope is super high resolution image capture ability in Full HD, and 4K which is benchmark. xEye Dermatoscope is fully wireless and compatible to all of your digital devices like android phone, iphone, tablet of laptop, so you don't need to worry about compatible cables or connectors etc. connect to your phone in few seconds and you are ready to go.
xEye DermaCare Cam is fully portable so you can take to anywhere you want, designed feature is super ergonomic and advanced that perfectly suits for personal home use or professional clinical use. xEye DermaCare Cam live stream to your phone securely, and all of your captured images automatically saved to your phone, pc or cloud, where you can manage all your images and data at your comfort.
Your xEye DermaCare Kit includes all equipment and tools you needed in digital dermatoscopy or clinical observations, so you it gives you hazell free dermatoscopy experience it you are home user or professional dermatologist. Plz have a look at key feature section that xEye DermaCare kit provide.