CBCT scanner / for cranial tomography

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CBCT scanner / for cranial tomography CBCT scanner / for cranial tomography - MiniCAT™


  • System:

    CBCT scanner

  • Application:

    for cranial tomography


Accreditation Support

With over 250 IAC CT accredited MiniCAT practices in ENT and Allergy, Xoran has developed a seamless accreditation program supported by the industry’s leading experts.

Nearly 75% of all IAC Accredited facilities under the Sinus and Temporal Bone application are Xoran MiniCAT customers.

We offer several events and services to our MiniCAT customers to facilitate the completion of the IAC CT accreditation application.

All in your Clinic. All in your control.

Do you want to perform Balloon Sinuplasty and navigation-assisted procedures in your clinic? It all starts with MiniCAT IQ.

When deciding which point-of-care CT is best, trust your ENT colleagues. Xoran is the pioneer an

Automated patient-specific protocol selection

Xoran’s ACE Mode Protocol is an automatic radiation exposure control feature

ACE Mode helps doctors reduce radiation dose by suggesting a protocol based on patient-specific data

Available on MiniCAT IQ

Easy-to-use—ACE Mode appears as an additional option in the drop-down menu of available MiniCAT patient scan protocols

Doctors make the final decision as to which protocol best fits the patient’s needs

Lower radiation is better
While Computed Tomography (CT) scans are often necessary for diagnosis, all CT systems use X-rays, which expose patients to ionizing radiation. Xoran understands the importance of keeping radiation dose low. In designing its CT systems, Xoran follows the ALARA principle- “As Low As Reasonably Achievable”-which means that Xoran minimizes radiation as much as possible without compromising image quality