shower chair / with bucket / with cutout seat / bariatric
XXL- Rehab



  • Type:

    shower chair

  • Components:

    with bucket, with cutout seat

  • Other characteristics:



Our designs for shower cabinets have been the best in the industry. From an optimistic standpoint we have always aimed to design the shower cabinet.

Our product is always intended for a simple access, complete freedom and well being as per the caregiver terms. The inner width of the seat is 61 or 71 cm, yet utilizing a 5 cm high Pu foam seat and 7 cm free space to the armrests that permits the body mass to fall down in place of growing dim to the sides.

The inconceivable "wide inside yet little outside" is achieved that makes the Xxl-Rehab Shower chest passing about however through all advanced entryways. The foot rest is dependably the frail indicator when it comes to these bariatric items. Ordinarily the maker makes an alternate way here that is by utilizing a standard result. We didn't just design this exclusive footrest to carry 100 kg each, we gone beyond this understanding and we have accomplished more. The footrest is additionally side/width alterable. Therefore the access to private hygiene is conceivable and very comfortable for individuals with the fat-tissue put on this footrest.