shower chair / bariatric

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shower chair / bariatric shower chair / bariatric


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    shower chair

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The armrests are made in a way that they are beyond the seat. This gives the person a good grip when sitting down and getting up. Also, the armrests are designed to look like butterflies. They bend out so that the body will not be squeezed when getting and out of the seat. The XXL-Rehab Shower bench has butterfly armrests that give the user better functionality when compared with other shower benches that have short and straight armrests and do not give the bariatric user a good grip. Furthermore, the shower bench has an adjustable height from 44 cm to 59 cm. Adjusting the shower bench is important so it is easier to get in and out of the seat. The user will have a hard time getting seated in the bench if is it too high. It is also hard to get up if the bench is too low.