height-adjustable walker / bariatric / folding

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height-adjustable walker / bariatric / folding height-adjustable walker / bariatric / folding


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    height-adjustable, bariatric, folding


XXL-Rehab Bariatric walking frame
Bariatric walking frame comes very much handy for larger individuals particularly after falling incidences, fractures etc. It is the best walking assistant that keeps them moving.

The XXL-Rehab Bariatric Walking Frame can be folded for easy transportation. It comes in two widths, with ferrules or with two huge wheels in the front. Bariatric Walking Frame with two wheels in the front is easy to move around and roll across the ground. The two legs at the back protect the walking frame from unexpectedly roll away if suppose the user loses his balance.

Though XXL-Rehab Bariatric walking frame is lightweight, it is firm. It provides a high degree of immovability. The walking frame can accommodate larger individuals up to 270 kg.
It can be folded easily for transport and storage.