CR 3200, CR 2200, CR 4200

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thermoreactor thermoreactor - CR 3200, CR 2200, CR 4200


Thermoreactor CR 3200 - WTW

Digestions of 24 round cells with pre-programmed and user-defined programs
In total 24 round cells (16 mm) in two seperate heating blocks using the same program
• 8 stored programs for easy and fast operation including COD fast digestion
• 8 user-defined programs from room temperature/25-170°C with high temperature digestion
• AQA/IQC with optional external temperature sensor for documentation

Programs for standard parameters COD including fast digestion (148°C, 20 min.), total nitrogen, total phosphorus, TOC and heavy metals of galvanizing with automatic heating and switch-off quick. User defined programs can be easily entered and stored from room temperature respectively 25-170°C to perform special digestions and thus allow high temperature digestion.

Thermoreactor CR 2200 - WTW

Thermoreactors for easy digestion of standard parameters
Safe and easy operation with automatic heating and switch-off for standard digestions
• 12 round cells (16 mm)
• 8 pre-programmed settings including fast digestion for COD
• Easy, quick operation for standard parameters

Digestions with 2x12 round cells at 2 different programs
With CR 4200 two different digestion programs can be performed for 16 mm vials simultaneously in two seperate heating blocks for 12 vials each.

Thermoreactor CR 4200 - WTW

• 8 stored programs for quick operation
• 8 user-defined programs from 25-170°C for high temperature digestion up to 170°C
• AQA/IQC with external temperature sensor