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dermatologic phototherapy lamp / hand-held / UV

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dermatologic phototherapy lamp / hand-held / UV dermatologic phototherapy lamp / hand-held / UV


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With the advent of innovation in science and technology, alternative and advanced methods of treating dermatosis has been discovered and developed. It has been discovered that treating many kinds of dermatosis effectively can be done using UVA and UVB procedures. And as sufferers of dermatosis have gone up in numbers recently, traditional ways of treating it are shunned by patients as they take too long, cause relapse, bring about numerous side effects, and many other reasons. The YK-6000 series UV radiation treatment system has been created to be competent against dermatosis such as leukoderma, psoriasis, and pityriasis rosea. It is small in size and light. It is easy to operate that patients can even take it and cure at home.