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modular ophthalmology clinic

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modular ophthalmology clinic modular ophthalmology clinic


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Hygienic, welcoming, fully equipped ophthalmology suites, fitted with rigid floors to accommodate sensitive eye surgery

Yorkon building solutions can create the hygienic, welcoming, fully equipped facilities you need.

Specially designed to meet demanding specifications
Your ophthalmology suite will be designed by experienced specialists who are fully conversant with the requirements of HTM and HBN. It will be constructed to meet all permanent building regulations, providing a long-term solution to your requirements.

Factory-fitted concrete floors can be installed to support heavy equipment and to provide response factors as low as 1 for sensitive eye surgery procedures.

Limited space is no barrier to a Yorkon building solution
Buildings can be craned into restricted locations or installed on rooftops to maximise the space available on constrained sites. Your building can be a stand-alone facility or linked seamlessly to existing hospital or other healthcare buildings.

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