heat therapy unit / cryotherapy unit / transportable
ZT Cube

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heat therapy unit / cryotherapy unit / transportable heat therapy unit / cryotherapy unit / transportable - ZT Cube


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    cryotherapy unit, heat therapy unit

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Technical data


SCREEN: Touch screen 7" TFT

WRAPS: Up to 2 simultaneously


DIMENSIONS L x W x H: 325 x 375 x 330

WEIGHT: 16,5 kg

Portable unit with a practical handle and a bag with wheels for easy transportation, plus an optional trolley with shelves is also available. The perfect solution for Rehabilitation Rooms and Sport Centres.

The dynamic management of temperature
Advantages of Zamar Therapy:

If you are recovering from an injury or an operation, Zamar Therapy plays a role in enhancing recovery time.

Zamar Therapy is a simple therapeutic method, non-invasive, non-aggressive.

Cryotherapy is essential during the acute stage of the trauma as shown using the R.I.C.E. protocols. Thermo-Cryo kinetic - the combination of warm and cold during the sub-acute stage, enables faster reduction of edema and an increase of the elasticity.Targeted and selected - each body part is precisely treated through anatomic wraps.

Constant temperature - the temperature can be set from -5°C to +45°C alternating cold and warm cycles. Pressure/Massage, function - Setting the internal pressure within the thermo wrap and provides lymphatic massage on the treated part. Programmable cycles - thanks to the touch screen it is possible to utilise the pre-set cycles for varying treatments or create your own protocols, even using a USB device.

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