laboratory optical tweezers / for biology / for research / bench-top
PALM MicroTweezers



  • Applications:

    laboratory, for biology, for research

  • Ergonomics:


  • Observation technique:

    laser microdissection, for live cells, PALM

  • Other characteristics:

    with micromanipulator


For Cells and Sub-cellular Structures – Precise, Contact-Free Cell and Particle Manipulation
Simple and Precise Micro-manipulation
PALM MicroTweezers by ZEISS is an optical tweezers system that allows for precise, contact-free cell manipulation as well as to trap, move, and sort microscopic particles.

With PALM MicroTweezers you manipulate cells and particles in the micro- and sub-micrometer range without contact. The highly focused laser beam allows you to trap, move and sort live cells, organelles and other large biomolecules. A simple mouse click on your target is sufficient to trap it.

You are able to complement PALM MicroTweezers with the Force Measurement software module and with high-end imaging and supplementary technologies from ZEISS, such as live cell imaging systems or PALM MicroBeam for laser microdissection.