electric blood donor chair / 3-section / on casters / with legrest



  • Operation:


  • Number of sections:


  • Other characteristics:

    on casters, with legrest, with footrest


YA-DS-D02 Electric Blood Donor Chair

Brand : Medik

Model : YA-DS-D02

Certificate: CE/ ISO

Overall Size: 2000mm*580mm*550mm


1. Original product designed with people-oriented idea gives blood donors a sense of security and comfort and alleviate the psychological pressure, makes the whole process easier and enjoyable.

2. Power controls and adjusts the rear support position and feet rest position, creates a secure and comfortable
environment for blood donors

3. The appearance, which is made of high-strength fiber material and poly-layer paint, is artistic, modern, durable and easy to clean

4. Mattress using a high-quality medical polyurethane foam molding, is easy to clean and maintain. Its anti-static and anti-fouling properties is superior to other similar products

5. Is the optional choice of the blood stations, centers and blood donation housing