angled implant abutment / titanium / external / temporary



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  • Other characteristics:


  • Implant diameter:

    2.3 mm


Designed for ease of use and osseointegrative stability in providing treatment solutions for your implant patients.

BSA Surface Treatment Technology

The Azure Implant System is designed to provide a high quality, easy to use system so that you can deliver effective implant treatment to your patients.
Porous Surface Texture - The average pore diameter of 1.5 μm facilitates osteoblast attachment, activation and proliferation.
Topographic Studies - The roughness (Ra) value is one of the key factors in the mediation of osseointegration.1 The average Ra value of the Azure Implant surface is 2.3-2.7 μm.
Biosafety Inspection - Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) analysis of the titanium surface post-ultrasonic cleaning with ultra pure water shows the implant surface does not contain any residual elements.*
Osseointegration Evidence​

Histologic Evidence - The postoperative canine histological jawbone sections at 8 & 12 weeks and Backscattered Electron Image (BEI) show a significant change in the amount of osseointegration over time. A significant increase in the BIC ratio from 31.87% (8 weeks) to 74.6% (12 weeks) was observed.