straight implant abutment / titanium / internal / ball
DIOBAxxxx series

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straight implant abutment / titanium / internal / ball straight implant abutment / titanium / internal / ball - DIOBAxxxx series


  • Configuration:


  • Material:


  • Connection:

    internal, ball

  • Other characteristics:


  • Implant diameter:

    3.5 mm


Azure Ball Attachment
Designed for ease of use and osseointegrative stability in providing treatment solutions for your implant patients.

BSA Surface Treatment Technology

The Azure Implant System is designed to provide a high quality, easy to use system so that you can deliver effective implant treatment to your patients.
Porous Surface Texture - The average pore diameter of 1.5 μm facilitates osteoblast attachment, activation and proliferation.
Topographic Studies - The roughness (Ra) value is one of the key factors in the mediation of osseointegration.1 The average Ra value of the Azure Implant surface is 2.3-2.7 μm.
Biosafety Inspection - Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) analysis of the titanium surface post-ultrasonic cleaning with ultra pure water shows the implant surface does not contain any residual elements.*
Osseointegration Evidence​

Histologic Evidence - The postoperative canine histological jawbone sections at 8 & 12 weeks and Backscattered Electron Image (BEI) show a significant change in the amount of osseointegration over time. A significant increase in the BIC ratio from 31.87% (8 weeks) to 74.6% (12 weeks) was observed.