tibia compression plate / proximal
NCB® Polyaxial Locking

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tibia compression plate / proximal tibia compression plate / proximal - NCB® Polyaxial Locking


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Freedom of ChoiceThese next-generation locking plates enhance flexibility during surgery, with polyaxial screw placement (30°)cone and improved angular stability. Equipped with a locking screw technology, the MIS enabled NCB Polyaxial Locking Plate System offers options to deal with complex fractures of the Proximal Humerus, the Distal Femur and the Proximal Tibia. All NCB Plates are made of Protasul ®-64 Titanium Alloy.PolyaxialityThe NCB Plate Technology allows polyaxial screw placement (30° cone) with screw locking achieved through the use of locking caps that are threaded into the plate holes. The locking construct improves stability especially in poor bone quality.Bone Quality FeedbackIn all NCB Plates, the angular stability is achieved using the NCB Locking Caps over the NCB Screws. NCB Screws are not threaded into the NCB Plates which allows surgeons to get tactile feedback of bone quality when tightening NCB Screws.