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laboratory sample preparation system / for PCR / NGS / fully automated
MagPurix® 12 series



  • Applications:

    laboratory, for PCR, NGS

  • Operation:

    fully automated

  • Preparation type:

    for liquid handling, for DNA purification, for RNA purification

  • Configuration:



MagPurix® provides an outstanding purity in its class, and delivers unbeatable results from any type of biological sample. A highly purified DNA is obligatory for many downstream applications, such as NGS, qPCR and other precise medical diagnostics today and MagPurix® has been proven to provide users superior purity from various specimen, even the less common types of samples.
This fully automated Nucleic Acid Purification solution (aNAP), is made to be flexible, easy-to-use and versatile, yet, never compromise of its purification quality:
MagPurix® 12 series
Liquid Handling Instrument based on Magnetic Particle Extraction Technology
Purifies 1 to 12 samples simultaneously per run
CE IVD certified
Worry-free optimized in-built protocols, without hidden extra costs
Compact Bench-top design for small to medium sized facilities
Optional: Compatibility with LIMS for data traceability (MagPurix® 12DX - ZP01008)​

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