cancer test kit / blood / for circulating tumor cells



  • Applications:

    for cancers

  • Sample type:

    blood, for circulating tumor cells


EpCAM - Positive CTC Selection Kits
✔ Simple & fast procedure, without the need of microfluidic chips
✔ Superior sensitivity, up to 4x higher than competitor kits
✔ Ability to capture CTCs that competitor platforms cannot identify, e.g. low EpCAM expressing cells, as MBA-MD-231
✔ Capture live CTCs for subsequent whole genomic sequencing with a Success Rate of ~100% (n=13)
✔ CTCs are successfully identified in >95% of patients (n=96, with an average of 12 CTCs)
Positive CTC Selection Assay (EpCAM-magnetic beads), designed to provide simple, sensitive and quantitative assessment of performing CTC enrichments by magnetically labelled CTC from peripheral blood. The EpCAM-magnetic beads use microscale particles with a magnetic core and couple with antibodies that recognize the EpCAM antigen. By using the magnetic field and via the antibody specific binding ability, the magnetically labelled EpCAM cells could be temporarily immobilized on the column wall, so the depleted EpCAM cells in the supernatant can be discard easily and efficiently under magnetic attraction. Captured magnetically labelled EpCAM cells are visible and respond quickly to magnets that are easy for manipulation.