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MOSS® 2002



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With MOSS® 2002 , the modular sample preparation system, ZINSSER ANALYTIC has bridged the gap between huge library stores of hundreds and thousands of samples and high throughput screening laboratories.

The new MOSS® 2002 is extremely fast due to 8 independently spaced tips with high speed movement in the x, y & z axes.
It ergonomically combines modern weighing technology and sophisticated software to automate library sample weighing & dissolution with assay and storage plate preparation.

A little water in DMSO greatly decreases compound solubility; therefore to minimise the risk of compound precipitation the entire dissolution step is performed under argon. With its enhanced technology it is not necessary to flood the entire system with argon thus keeping the cost and weight of the instrument to a minimum. Tilting dissolution vials offer complete retrieval of sample material. The compact design, its high throughput, reliability and easy integration into existing infrastructures have made it the system of choice for high throughput testing laboratories.

The MOSS® database software controls the weighing, dissolution and sample distribution. It keeps track of the samples and exchanges data with all commercial mass storage databases such as ORACLE®.