powder sample dispenser / automatic / laboratory / benchtop

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powder sample dispenser / automatic / laboratory / benchtop powder sample dispenser / automatic / laboratory / benchtop - REDI
  • Powder sample dispenser / automatic / laboratory / benchtop


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The accurate dispensing of powders is an extremly tedious and time-consuming process.

REDI (Resin Dispenser), an X,Y,Z dispensing system with a powder pipette, helps to autmomate sample preparation in analytical applications, in material research and also in modern combinatorial chemistry. The pipette picks up a pre-determined volume of material automatically and distributes the solid compounds quickly and precisely.

The system dispenses granular and powder materials such as seeds, salts or other crystalline or even electrostatically charged material from 1µl to 300µl ( e.g. 1µl = 0.3 mg of Silica).

REDI 2002 plus can be equipped with various tips:

Exchangeable fixed volume pipette, which can be customised for the density of the resin or powder and to the destination container (e.g. 384 well plate, HPLC vial)
PickFix - fixed volume tip which can be picked up (automatically exchanged) and used for each individual powder to avoid cross contamination
VAREDI® - manually adjustable variable volume tip which covers volumes from 10-400 µl
VARIX® - our software controlled variable volume tip for volumes from 1-300 µl, depending on the VARIX module

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