on-platform, compact ultrasound system / for cardiovascular ultrasound imaging / for emergency medicine ultrasound imaging / for intraoperative ultrasound imaging



  • Ergonomics:

    on-platform, compact

  • Application:

    for cardiovascular ultrasound imaging, for emergency medicine ultrasound imaging, for intraoperative ultrasound imaging


This ultrasound system can be used in radiology and internal medicine. Ultrasound diagnostic confidence is largely dependent on image quality, and ZONARE has made a commitment to developing innovative technology that is focused on improving radiology and internal medicine ultrasound imaging. This system provides excellent image quality to patients of all sizes across a variety of exam types. The innovative and dynamic open design allows the user to meet their growing radiology and internal medicine clinical needs quickly and economically through upgradeable software enhancements. The company that makes this ultrasound instrument focuses their efforts entirely on ultrasound imaging.