surgical video recorder / for endoscopy / for medical simulation / portable



  • Applications:

    surgical, for endoscopy, for medical simulation

  • Other characteristics:

    portable, USB, with image capture, with DICOM file conversion, high-definition, full HD


Portable HD MediDVR, a medical grade dual interface full HD Video Recorder, is industry’s first and most affordable, standalone, compat and versatile high definition recorder solution. It combines superior image and video quality, extensive easy control various removable storage medias and a rage of innovative features.

It is standalone, internal battery can supply surgical reocrding up to 5 hours. External medical grade power adapter can be connected for longer recording time or fully charge the battery in 5 hours alone. It is as small as palm that you cantake it to anywhere.

Portable MediDVR can record high-definition crisp1080p video from endoscope, arthroscopy, surgical camera, C-Arms, ultrasound etc. Saves extremely clear still images and videos to an internal removable HDD external USB HDD, USB Flash, SD Card or network. With HDD it can record highest quality HD video up to two weeks. Three level record quality is available. On board gain adjustable omnidirectional microphone buzzer and full color LED feedback are also available.

Meanwhile portable MediDVR supports real time streaming by connecting to the hospital network. It enables the live transmission of procedures to other practitioners or students outside of the operating theater for training or monitoring purposes on PC or iPad/iPhone.