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image analysis software / data management / patient data management / patient report management
Zscan HD Zscan software



  • Function:

    image analysis, data management, patient data management, patient report management, appointment management, reporting, video recording, image capture, printing

  • Application domain:

    medical imaging, endoscopy, ENT, gynecology, urology

  • Medical establishment:

    hospital, operating room, doctor's office

  • Other characteristics:

    for tablet PC, for smartphones, server, wireless


Our version of Zscan Software specially designed for High Definition Endoscopy equipment, keeping its features for image managing, reporting and results delivery, plus crystal clear image capturing.

Our software is present in every step of your medical center workflow, from creating a patient's file to the delivery of the procedure results. Also, it allows to save results as templates to re-use them for new reports.

A user-friendly software, that allows saving time to focus on what matters most: patient care.

Main resources:
- Centralized database. Create patient files, add images, diagnosis and much more in a single and secure place. Share it within the local area network with authorized users.
- Great details and High Definition Image quality.
- Image management. Capture and save unlimited images/videos from procedures, add notes and select the ones you would like to add to the reports.
- Customizable reports. Create your ideal one. Include name, contact information, logo and even your digital signature.
- Report templates. Save time by generating a report with default results.
- Automatic local backup. Schedule backups to avoid losing data.
- Easy sharing. Email and print reports directly from the platform.
- Cloud storage (additional). Highly recommended to prevent data loss after hardware failure or ransomware.

The kit comes with both software and hardware needed to connect to your HD endoscopy equipment.