Who we are

3DHISTECH is dedicated to providing clinical pathologists, researchers, and universities with digital pathology solutions to facilitate quick and accurate diagnostics, supporting medical discoveries, and fostering education.

Founded in 1996, 3DHISTECH is the first European manufacturer of digital pathology devices and one of the global market leaders with more than 2500 systems sold and with more than 70 reference institutes worldwide.

Also, 3DHISTECH is the proud winner of several image quality and scanner speed awards at International Scanner Contests.

Our values

We make pathology workflows more and more efficient.

The entire company is dedicated to developing and manufacturing a wide range of solutions for clinical routine pathology, medical and pharmaceutical research as well as medical education. Its product range includes PANNORAMIC digital slide scanners, fully automated tissue microarrayers as well as slide management, laboratory and pathology management, digital microscopy, and image analysis software solutions.

What differentiates us from the competition is our exclusive focus on digital pathology; our human and financial resources are committed entirely to the development of digital pathology solutions.

Our presence around the world