ADS Laminaire

Who we are

ADS LAMINAIRE has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing laminar flow equipment since 1968. She has acquired a certain authority in this field thanks to her experience but also thanks to the quality and seriousness of her achievements and the services she offers to her customers.

ADS equipment meets the requirements of new techniques.

The ADS manufacturing range extends from dust-free storage boxes to standard or specific laboratory hoods.

In addition, ADS LAMINAIRE offers a range of clothing for dust-controlled rooms:
Gowns, coveralls, shoe covers, headgear, gloves, masks, class 100 cloths, cleanliness screen, and a range of absolute filters and pre-filters.

ADS LAMINAIRE is able to produce in its field any type of non-standard equipment that does not appear on this site.
In order to offer a service as close as possible to the needs of its ADS customers

LAMINAIRE has been ISO 9001 (2000) certified since September 2, 2008, for all of its activities:
“Design, manufacture, sale, maintenance, and testing of controlled dust and laminar flow enclosures for chemical hoods and distribution of clean room filters and utilities”.


Hospital Clinical Medical research

Pharmaceutical Para-pharmaceutical

Chemistry Botanical Agri-food

Microelectronic Optical industry

Space Military industry

Our values

ADS LAMINAIRE designs manufactures and commercializes laminar flow equipment since 1968. It was the first French company to specialize in this field.

A family-owned company on a human scale, it very quickly counted among its customers big names in the high-tech industry and was able to make its mark on the international market.
In order to propose a complete offer to its customers, ADS LAMINAIRE developed in parallel with other activities and since 1973, in the marketing of a range of consumables and utilities in a clean environment.

In 1981, ADS started manufacturing and marketing air filters.

In 2009, ADS opened a commercial structure in Chicago to cover the American market.

In 2022, ADS opened an agency in Rabat, Morocco

The after-sales service, is in charge of maintenance but also of controls and validations has the capacity to intervene quickly on the whole French and European territories.

Over the years, ADS Laminaire has acquired a certain notoriety thanks to its experience, but also thanks to the quality and seriousness of its achievements and the various services it offers to its customers.

Our presence around the world