Advantis Medical Imaging

Who we are

Advantis Medical Imaging makes Medical Imaging more accessible, user-friendly and data-driven by merging it with Cloud Technology.

Advantis Medical Imaging mission is to develop advanced cloud-based medical imaging software solutions, which will improve the detection efficiency of severe human pathologies while offering:

• Greater precision

• Higher speed

• Lower cost

• Quicker access

• Simpler UI

In order to achieve its mission, Advantis Medical Imaging has a strong focus on R&D and innovation from its early establishment. The company develops and integrates state of the art medical imaging methodologies while having as its main pillars the quality and safety of its developed medical devices. Advantis Medical Imaging is an ISO 13485 certified medical device manufacturer.

Our values

Advantis’ activity and growth revolve around its central value which governs its every action: To continuously strive for progress and invent new and innovative products which make a real impact for its customers and their patients.