Aerem Industry

Who we are

Aerem is an international multi-brand company specialized in developing, manufacturing and supplying high quality filtration and protection products for spray booths since 1963.

Our products are designed to maintain the operator or robot in a clean environment and enhance the spray booth productivity.

We provide our customers with always performant, environmentally friendly quality products easy to dispose in more than 60 countries.

Our values

AEREM is above all a work of men and women united around the world for the success of the Group. They all share the same values ​​in a solidarity and caring climate.


Protecting the environment is the responsibility of everyone. AEREM uses recycled raw materials in all of its products. Our sharply tuned and performant production processes results in low waste and low energy consumption.


We seriously consider the need to protect the operator and provide a secure working environment through our products and services. This is why our filters are free of polluting or toxic products. They can be stored, handled and incinerated or landfilled safely.


We treat others with respect and comply with all internal and external norms and regulations.
We strive to act with transparency and honesty.


Because all our customers are important, our priority is to support them in their projects, build and maintain a long-term partnership to be able to bring the answers adapted to each need.


Aerem is a selfie of multiculturalism and diversity. Our teams are made of men and women of different languages, cultures and origins. It is in this spirit of openness and diversity that we seek to build a partnership with you.