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Who we are

ALPHATEC SCIENTIFIC, Provides IN VITRO Diagnostic Solutions; Medical Information Technologies and Hospital Equipment for Healthcare improvement. The Operations Center located in Peru, aims to innovate and develop medical products for the reach of the World population. Focused on diagnosis and its best treatment. ALPHATEC SCIENTIFIC offers products of the highest quality based on ISO 900, ISO 13485 and CE marking standards for the diverse needs of medical laboratories and hospital equipment, as well as a wide range of products for your satisfaction and confidence.

ALPHATEC SCIENTIFIC also has a veterinary division aimed at providing diagnosis of Animal Health; ALPHATEC SCIENTIFIC analyzers and veterinary medical equipment, is oriented to take care of the health of our friends in the animal world. With the precision of high technology, quality and reliable results, ALPHATEC SCIENTIFIC is the best option for veterinary diagnosis.


Our values

Respect for our Clients, Employees and Environment.
Transparency and Honesty.
Have as a goal the highest quality in our products and procedures.
Analysis of procedures, cases, continuous learning and technological adaptability worldwide.
Constancy reflected in the results.
Provide health to all.