ALVO Medical

Who we are

At ALVO, our mission is to provide better healing conditions for everybody, everywhere in the world. Our operating rooms serve patients in over 70 countries. Our almost 30-year experience we measure by the quality of the first installed ORs and the trust of our most loyal customers.

ALVO MEDICAL provides innovative solutions and products for operating theatres and other healthcare facilities, including laboratory and mortuary/pathology labs. We develop ideas into finished, market-ready commodities. We are a manufacturer of medical equipment for hospitals: operating tables, operating lights, surgical scrubs, OR doors, medical windows, modular OR wall panels and modular ceilings, art panels, medical trolleys, and furniture. The ALVO Integra solution for complete integration of devices and medical image management enhances workflow efficiency and improves patient care in the OR.

ALVO MEDICAL is part of the Team in your OR!

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Our values

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▪ ALVO Premium scrub sink with automatic drain disinfection to effectively protect patients and clinicians from cross-contamination. More:

▪ Hygienic surgical table pads with real-time pressure monitoring system ALVO SENSEi. Learn more:

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