Who we are

We are achieving in order to protect health workers’ freedom areas and enable them to make better service to the patients. Our aim is to make perfect comfort and driving abilities of the ambulances and the mobile clinic vehicles. We are proud of manufacturing the ambulances and the mobile clinic vehicles that provide accessible comfort, incontrovertible security solutions, and fuel choices with diesel and gasoline.

We, as AmbulanceMed group company, have completed hundreds of deliveries of ambulances and mobile clinic vehicles. Our fundamental responsibility is to carry patients to emergency service and to facilitate serving mobile clinic solutions to the patients who don’t have any access to a hospital.

We have mediated ambulances to provide movements to disabled patients and enable baby and child patients to be transported safely from all over the world.

It is proof of the confidence felt to us the fact that inserting new products and innovative vehicles to the product range in each year. We have mediated to broaden not only ours but also the subsidiary industry’s horizons in the previous years.

We are aware of the fact that thousands of families’ lives depend on the ambulances and mobile clinic vehicles that we have produced. We are assuring our products in terms of the capability to supply quick technical services.

Our priorities are designing and conducting innovator ambulances and mobile clinic devices, that meet with the expectations of our partners and facilitating medical workers’ tasks. The main innovation is to work in order to make a better life.

We are aware of the fact that innovation comes at first and it makes future closer. We have been working on finding new stronger and more stable ways in order to help to save human lives. We believe the necessity of thinking and acting extraordinary in order to improve our productivity.

We believe the necessity of offering high innovation levels to our co-workers in order to make them reach high working standards. Thus, we care about making the act of working with our co-workers a worthwhile experience.

According to us, that our employees’ feel proud and loyalty about our structure and be a big defender of our company is organizational loyalty. We, as being AmbulanceMed, are gratified of being our employees’ responsible and stable.

Our values

We are conscious of the fact that facilitating women from being employed in business life has the biggest conversion on the economies.

We, as AmbulanceMed, are striving to increase hiring women workers both full-time and part-time since the awareness that the integration of women to business life mediates creating a developed society configuration. Besides, we experienced that women bring perfection to the job handled by them. Thus, %65 of our co-workers constituted with women.

The organizations that don't comprehend the importance of women in business life are depreciated. Women workers not only redouble the ability pool but also increase financial performance and work in our company.

The structures with women workers are more productive in terms of business culture, royalty, and job satisfaction compared with male-dominant corporations.

Women in our company realized much more besides increasing the financial values. They bring our company a real soul.

We observed that the existence of women workers in our company made our organization a better place.

Our presence around the world