AMEDTEC Medizintechnik

Who we are

AMEDTEC Medizintechnik Aue GmbH was founded in 1998 as a development service provider and has grown to a leading specialist for the design and development of cardiological data management systems. Integral components of those systems are the 12-lead resting and stress test ECG, Holter ECG, as well as the ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM).

During its time as a development service provider, AMEDTEC developed hardware and software for leading international manufacturers of 12-lead and Holter ECG systems. Products developed in our house are in use worldwide.

In 2005, AMEDTEC was restructed from a pure service and development company into a manufacturing company. Since then, our own products are selling successfully to a demanding customer clientele.
AMEDTEC ECGpro® sets new standards in ECG diagnostics and data communications. From wireless ECG acquisition, over innovative diagnosis programms, to a sophisticated, highly configurable HIS interface along with its workflow cabilities, all requirements to a modern diagnosis and data management system are fulfilled.

Our values

AMEDTEC still develops and manufactures in Germany. The company stands for quality, and durable customer satisfaction has highest priority. Ultimately, the human being — whether as user or patient — shall be a beneficiary of our technology.

With professional, honest advice and support, AMEDTEC faces the competition. AMEDTEC reinvests the bulk of its profits into innovative improvements and new developments of its existing products.