AOHUA Endoscopy

Who we are

Aohua Endoscopy is a Chinese company that develops, manufactures, and markets flexible endoscopy system, endoscopic peripheral devices and accessories designed to help improve clinical outcomes and patients' quality of life and to reduce patient's suffering and medical costs through spending shorter times in hospital and returning to normal life as quickly as achievable.

It was established in 1994 in Shanghai China, since its inception it has been focusing on and striving to make developments with the endoscope for various forms of examination and treatment. With close to 3-decade year long innovation and development, it evolves into an enterprise being of 600+ employees (150+ of whom are R&D personnel), 4 R&D centers in mainland China and 5 production bases in the globe.

It launched China's 1st video endoscopy system in 2005, delivered high definition video endoscopy system AQ-100 equipped with optical image enhancement technology CBI in 2011 and full high definition video endoscopy system AQ-200 with upgraded CBI+ in 2015, and launched 4K ultra high definition video endoscopy system AQ-300 in 2022 with a wide range of new, easy-to-use technologies that aim to revolutionize the way disorders can be detected, characterized and treated not only in gastroenterology, but also in respiratory, ENT, anesthesiology, ER, ICU and many other clinical wards.

Aohua shall always be committed to the innovation and development of flexible endoscopy domain and strive to become the world's leading provider of overall endoscopy solutions and to complete our mission - making endoscopy diagnosis and treatment more accessible and convenient.

Our values

Concentration, Innovation, Continuous Learning, Customer Satisfaction and Win-Win