Asel Medikal

Who we are

Asel Tibbi Aletler A.Ş. is a pioneer and an experienced family company that emphasis on investing and R&D. The company provides services health sector in the national and international markets. It is one of Turkey's leading manufacturers and distributors. ASELTECH branded products representing in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Our primary products are medical and surgical instruments, sterilization container systems and accessories, sterilization pads for wire-sheet baskets, silicone mats and accessories, and hospital slippers for all branches of health institutions and organizations.

We carry out work for the production and development of other products.

Our values

We support our employees to improve their skills by offering internal and external training to ensure their adaptation to the developing technology and to keep their motivation high.
Since our quality services and reasonable agreement conditions make the basis for our relationship with our customers, we would like to achieve high customer satisfaction by considering their expectations and demands in our processes as much as possible.

Since the production of a high-quality product can be possible by using the best material in production, we aim for reliability and continuity by assessing the suppliers we collaborate with.
We are committed to not harming the environment, by considering the laws, standards, and other regulations in all our works.

Making the most of our investments, we plan the required work to provide innovation opportunities.

Asel Tibbi Aletler A.Ş. practices the Total Quality Management System without compromising the quality of the raw material supply, production, quality control, sales, and after-sales services in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001-2015, DIN EN ISO 13485-2016 standards and CE (2017 / MDR ) directive.

Asel Tibbi Aletler A.Ş. will continue to provide service as a leading and reliable company in the health sector in accordance with international standards in terms of quality assurance, the understanding of social responsibility, the principles of environmental protection, and customer satisfaction.