ATA Medical

Who we are

ATA Medical is a leader company in France for the hygienic air treatment with more than 3000 references in France and around the world. Our compact devices effectively recirculate, filter, and disinfect air from bacteria, fungus, and viruses like SARS-COV2 causing COVID-19, and even surfaces. Our range of products are : Air Handling units, Laminar airflow ceilings, mobile air purifiers, Airborne infection isolation rooms ( AIIR).

All products are Made in France.

Our values


ATA is the expert in hygienic air quality that will provide :

an objective recommendation on the solution to be implemented

an unfailing commitment on selecting an efficient equipment matching with our quality standards in terms of hygiene

an assistance for the commissioning of the equipment, carried on by trained technicians

a technical training on the use of equipment (ATA is authorized training center)

a remote assistance for a worry-free operation and an appropriate maintenance contract for your installation, which enables you to extend warranty.

ATA solutions are based on three pillars :

Custom design

Easy installation

Quick maintenance

Our management system is certified ISO 9001 : 2008. All ATA products are CE marked.

Complying to standards required by ISO 13485: 2016 concerning medical devices.