Autoergon 2002

Who we are

Due to his constant interest in improving people's quality of life, the spanish inventor José Luis Gálvez Campos developed two products in order to improve the mobility and the vascular health without effort. During his career, which has always been characterised by a profound entrepreneurial spirit, he has developed almost 50 patented inventions in precision mechanisms for industrial machinery.

Thise two patents that are considered worldwide innovations in the health sector: The Happylegs powered exercise system for legs and the Manos Sanas, manual finger massager.

Both products are a new patented system that are improving the mobility and the vascular health in a natural way. Thousands of users Worldwide enjoy a new quality of life and a better circulatory system. We distribute in Europe, United Kingdom, USA, Saudi Arabia and Australia and we are looking distributors Worldwide. Since 10 years, we sell to hospitals, residences, specialized shop and marketplaces as, Boulanger, Darty or El Corte Inglés.

Our values

The genuine seated walking machine since 2002. The only one machine with 3 Speeds (9/12/15V) and with the FDA Approved. Steps in the 3 speeds per 1 hour: Speed in 9V: 3120 Steps x 1 hour; in 12V: 3960 Steps x 1 hour and in 15V: 5040 Steps x 1 hour.

Its automatic patented movement, it is the only one that really strengths the muscles of your legs without effort thanks to its powerful motor. Improve your cardiovascular health with the best option and you will notice the difference since the first week.

Happylegs can reduce swollen legs, cold feet, back and knees pain.

Recommended by doctors as treatment against overweight or a sedentary life. Indicated to all people with reduced mobility and chronicle diseases.

The official patented system created in 2002. Award winning as best invention in UK and USA.The easiest, ergonomic and durable system with 5 years of guarantee and made in EU. The double fast machine and the quietest system that exists in the world market.

Our presence around the world