Axion BioSystems

Who we are

CytoSMART Technologies was acquired by Axion BioSystems.

Axion BioSystems is a leading life science company focused on next-generation live-cell analysis tools for biomedical research and drug discovery. With innovative systems that monitor complex cellular activity in real time without disturbing the underlying biology, Axion’s technology accelerates scientific discovery with streamlined workflows providing more complete datasets.

At Axion BioSystems, our goal is to help you non-invasively evaluate your cells. Whether tracking the growth and death of cancer cells or monitoring the intricate, electrically-active behavior of excitable cells (e.g. neurons and cardiomyocytes), our innovative and award-winning products are designed to help you investigate the function of your cells in an easy-to-use, in vitro assay.

Our values

Our commitment to your discoveries also includes expert knowledge of the biological applications our technology enables. We are a trusted scientific partner in many research collaborations and hope you’ll reach out to us to discuss how Axion’s Omni, Maestro Pro, Maestro Edge, Maestro Z, Maestro ZHT, and Maestro TrayZ can advance your journey to learn more about how your cells function.