B Medical Systems

Who we are

B Medical Systems S.à r.l. is a Luxembourg-based pioneer in the medical equipment industry. The company was founded in 1979 when the World Health Organization approached Electrolux in Vianden to provide a solution to their problems in safely storing and transporting vaccines around the world. Then, Electrolux became Dometic, a division of the Dometic Group. Our recognition grew through our work and the positive results it generated and we have become well-known for our expertise in Cold Chain and Blood Safety. All our stakeholders recognize us for the work we do, not just for profit, but for the greater good of mankind, saving lives in developing nations and setting standards in developed nations in doing the right thing.

In March 2015 Navis Capital Partners took over 100% of the division from the Dometic Group. Since September 1st, 2015 Dometic Medical Systems Division changed its name to B Medical Systems. The name change shows the deep conviction of our team and our shareholder, to continuously deploy dedicated solutions for you in a reliable global partnership.

With our worldwide network of distributors, our own Research and Development capability and flexible manufacturing facilities, we continually strive for excellence in product development, manufacturing and customer service across all of our product lines. B Medical Systems is solely dedicated to the research, development and the manufacture of medical technology equipment. This includes equipment for the vaccine cold chain, refrigerators, freezers, storage and solutions for the safe blood and blood components transport, storage, treatment and management.

We are committed to exploring new technologies, increasing the variety of our products and seeking new fields of business. B Medical Systems S.à r.l. is a flexible, innovative and customer-oriented company, which has always been recognized for the excellence and performance of its products. We have always based our reputation on one rule: “never compromising on standards” to deliver the best performance these programs deserve, for humanity.

Over the past few years, we have been supported extensively and passionately by our regional consultants and country partners who dedicate themselves to our cause and have gained credibility in their own right with the regional agencies and country authorities.

B Medical Systems has over 200 employees. We have established a worldwide distribution network and are recognized as a reliable and professional partner in the medical world.

We take pride in our history of close cooperation with prominent global organizations including international health organizations such as UNICEF, WHO, Gavi, the Red Cross, aid agencies and multinational companies, military customers and governments.

Our values


The medical challenges our partners and clients face on the ground can be overwhelming. By continuously engaging with them and gathering insights through dialogue and exchange, we are able to understand their evolving needs. As a key global player in the sector of medical technology, B Medical Systems is committed to delivering highly specialized and cutting-edge devices that always exceed expectations.


We feel deeply connected to the international community of healthcare professionals and use optimized industrial processes to offer reliable products and services that help develop a relationship of trust. By managing the design, manufacturing, distribution and after-sales elements, we adopt a lifecycle approach and can ensure the Total Cost of Ownership of our products are as low as possible.


We take a customer-oriented approach in everything we do, and are guided by our values and high standards. Our team of highly skilled professionals share our desire to excel and stay ahead of the game in the field of technological innovation. As an organization, our core aim is to save lives through reliable and innovative technology.

Our commitment to quality and reliability

We are committed to exploring new technologies and making our solution portfolio more diverse. We are a flexible, innovative and customer-oriented company, recognized by the medical world for the excellence and performance of our solutions. We take pride in our history of close cooperation with prominent global organizations and companies, including international health organizations such as the Red Cross, aid agencies and governments. We remain true to ourselves by following one rule: “Never compromise on our standards”. This allows us to deliver the best solutions for humankind.

The lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Our R&D activities are primarily focused on developing solutions that deliver maximum reliability while requiring very little maintenance – or even better, none at all. This is why our solutions have the lowest Total Cost of Ownership on the market: no expensive maintenance is needed.

Our presence around the world