Who we are

Established in 2013, Baicare Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a biomedical high-tech enterprise which is led by microfluidic molecular diagnostic technology and integrates the research and development, production and sales of clinical test reagents and instruments in China.

Relying on microfluidic chip and nucleic acid detection technology, Baicare has independently developed and designed a series of products:UltraFast QPCR system, 'Ichip' multi-index nucleic acid testing (NAT) system, 'Onestart' automatic nucleic acid testing (NAT) system, 'Microfluidic chip' for detecting the multiple respiratory tract, gynecological and cerebrospinal fluid infections etc, achieving that with 'one chip' to detect various pathogenic bacteria and Antimicrobial resistance, and providing a fast and effective basis for clinical diagnose and treatment.

Our values

With the mission of advancing the clinical microbiological detection and promoting the antibiotics reasonable application, Baicare is relying on the microfluidic chip and molecular diagnosis technology to provide intelligent and automatic nucleic acid detection products for hospitals and Labs.

Our presence around the world