Bait Partner

Who we are

The history of the company began in 2003 when Bait Partner OÜ was registered, with our purpose to be a premier builder and provider of IT networks and solutions.

We possess the expertise and experience, with 3 founding members of staff still involved in the company, to be able to build excellent IT networks. We understand the power and need for AV and IT to work together fluidly, now and in the future, excelling in digitizing and adding specialized medical devices, for example, to the network to improve workflow.

We are very proud of the ORNet product line, which we created in 2009, to serve the medical field with our own dedicated medical AV and process management solution. This is a good example of our importance to partner with manufacturers of different AV and medical equipment, placing high value on their training, quality of products, support and on-time deliveries.

Our values

Bait Partner OÜ is now an international company, serving customers in the Baltics and Nordics, with a passion for supporting all customers in AV and medical, digital solutions. Our customers are our inspiration, giving us larger and more challenging work every single time, with many advancements and great ideas arising from their requests, which we execute with the best in modern technology.