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Beijing Aeonmed

Who we are

BEIJING AEONMED CO., LTD. is a leading OR and ICU equipment manufacturer and medical system solutions supplier. There are 6 business lines of OR and ICU including, anesthesia machines, ventilator, operation table, surgical light, medical pumps and ceiling pendants. And five Medical System Solutions which including Laminar Flow、Environment and Equipment Configuration 、Centralized Gas Supply 、Process Quality Control and Information Integration.

In 2008, one anesthesia machine designed and made by Aeonmed was successfully launched in the US market which made a breaking through for the Chinese anesthesia manufacturers. So far Aeonmed's products have been sold to more than 120 areas and countries, and 61 products have received the CE certificate. We are proud that one of our emergency ventilator, Shangrila 510, was selected among almost the most famous brand around world as standby support for emergency use on every event spot, the total number was 175 units. In June 2013, Aeonmed’s intensive care ventilator gains the access to the US market. It is milestone of ventilator business developing in China.

Independent innovation built Aeonmed's competitive ability. To date, over 800 patents have been approved or applied, including over 500 invention patents. Aeonmed maintaining a substantial annual increase of more than 100 patents.

"Reliable Quality, Thoughtful Service” is Aeonmed’s commitment to customers”, and “Guard life sincerely" is the sacred mission of Aeonmed.

Facing the future, Aeonmed people are working enthusiastically towards company's vision – to be "the Operating Expert of OR & ICU".

Our values

•May.2008,Aeonmed donated ventilators and other medical equipment to Sichuan for fighting against"512"earthquake disaster.

•May.2008,"Clinical Research Center"was established jointly by Aeonmed and PLA 301 hospital.

•Mar.2008, Aeonmed began the new business of hospital purification and medical gas installation engineering.

•Dec.2007, headquarters was moved into Aeonmed Building which located in Beijing Fengtai Science Park

•Sep.2007, Aeonmed and Datascope signed a co-development, manufacturing agreement for providing product to USA market

•Jul.2007, Shangrila510 win a bid for the first-aid projects and Aeonmed became a supplier of medical equipment to 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

•Oct.2006, Aeonmed was reformed to a shareholding company.

•Oct.2006, ERP put into operation.

•Sep.2006, Call Center put into operation.

•Feb.2006, Aeonmed began the new business of medical software.

•Feb.2006, domestic distribution channels began to rapidly expand.

•Aug.2005,"Medical Technology Lab"was established jointly by Aeonmed and NUDT

•Jul.2005, Aeonmed began the new business of IV pump

•May.2005, Aeonmed obtained the first CE certificate - Anesthesia Machine Aeon 7400A.

•Jan.2005, the first issue of "THE VOICE OF AEONMED"was circled to customers.

•Nov.2004, Aeonmed took part in MEDICA for the first time the milestone of internationalization strategy.

•May.2004 an anesthetics vaporizer test laboratory and an integrated environmental test laboratory was established.

•December.2003, the Ministry of Health, PRC started to equip massive Aeonmed ventilators in the "National Medical Aid System".

•Oct.2003, the General Logistics Department of PLA started to equip massive Aeonmed Anesthesia Machines

•Jun.2003, Aeonmed began the new business of Ventilator.

•Apr.2003, Aeonmed donated ventilators and other medical equipments to Shijingshan Science and Technology Committee of Beijing for anti-SARS.

•Apr.2003, Anesthesia Machine Aeon 7500A was approved as the National Torch Plan Projects

•Jul.2002, Aeonmed obtained the ISO 9001/13485 certificate.

•Nov.2001, Aeon series Anesthesia Machines were exhibited at CMEF for the first time and made a big splash.

•May 18th 2001, changed registration to a Manufacturing Enterprise.

•Feb. 27th 2001, Aeonmed was founded as a PB ventilator distributor.

Our presence around the world